This is an anti-mangana video. Watch it without the sound first and then with the sound. See if the dialogue matches the video. In short, the horses get up and trot away, though the narrator tries to make the horse look hurt. If you look closely, you can see that it is not. You can also see some posted remarks. These are edited.  If you read the remarks, you will see a number of racial slurs. The web master says he’s not racist, but he seems to believe that this type of racial slander is OK.  This is a quote from the comment board:


I really dont like the Mexicans, and when I first saw this video, the next day I went to school I cussed out a Mexican girl and told her "AT LEAST I AM NOT FROM A FUCKING COUNTRY THAT ABUSES INNOCENT ANIMALS!"

This is the type of adolescent dribble that comprises the support given to this ridiculous web site. Another posting mentions having her mother take her to Spain to protect horses there.

I pointed out that tens of thousands of animals are used in rodeo and charreada each year. Now, based on a few videos of rodeo anomalies and one video of mangana where the horse was not hurt, this man (I assume it is a man, because while there is no name used, the voice is male) wants to ban most of rodeo and charreada. This does not make sense. Think of this while you watch this video.

Now watch some of the rodeo videos:

This individuals position seems to be that horses, bulls and steers should not be used for rodeo or charreada. I have asked him what they should be used for.  His responce was barrel racing and pole bending. He also does not believe in steeplechase, cross country, or thoroghbred racing.  This is true, even though he cannot produce evidence of numerous serious injuries to any animal in any equine event, including mangana.

By the way, these rodeo videos support my position that anytime horses or any livestock and men get together, they both are in danger. Therefore it is inconsistant with fairness to ban charreada events only.